Royal Jelly Benefits.

Are there extraordinary royal jelly benefits compared with other bee products? Actually they aren’t. Nevertheless royal jelly enjoys large popularity. The reason might be that the substance serves the sole food for larvae, selected to become queen bees. All larvae are fed with royal jelly, but the “queen bee larva” gets only royal jelly. So there must be unusual royal jelly benefits, people thought.

Royal jelly is sold as a dietary supplement, claiming some health benefits. Royal jelly is sold as fresh royal jelly, royal jelly honey and capsules sometimes combined with other vitamins, nutrients or herbs like ginseng. It contains 67 % water, 12.5 % crude protein (also small amounts of many different amino acids), 11 % sugars and 5 % fatty acids. Royal jelly includes also B-complex vitamins such as vitamin B 6 and vitamin B 5 and a little bit of vitamin C. It contains a lot of trace minerals, enzymes and antibiotic/antibacterial components as well.

The truth of most royal jelly benefits is not proved. A lot of research is still necessary. Royal jelly may have anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and antibiotic effects. Probably there are some cholesterol-lowering effects too. For example it has been reported to stimulate the growth of glial cells and neutral stam cells in the brain. Royal jelly is found in many beauty products. It is used as basic material in pharmaceutical preparations as well. Enriched royal jelly products are reported to give people’s energy and metabolism a boost while fighting stress. Despite royal jelly benefits the substance can cause heavy allergic reactions in some people, even anaphylaxis. Be careful if you have some known previous allergies. Enjoy the royal jelly benefits but consider the risks!

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